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Station House Newbliss

Living and working from our old renovated railway station in the village of Newbliss, Monaghan.

Patrick John & Lorraine Mary Martin

Kinky Pop Art in Latex

Patrick John & Lorraine Mary Martin.   Monaghan Ireland.

Latex Pop Art using Rubber Latex as a medium.  Art literally created from pieces of Latex Rubber Sheeting.

Father: Travelled extensively as a civil engineer, an inventor, entrepreneur and company director. 
Mother: From a long line of artists, one notably being her uncle Hugh Lofting, better known for his writings, of  Doctor Dolittle. In Canada she was an Actress, Artist and TV producer for CBC and BBC.

Father:  A leader in the community and the entertainment world, a scout master, a singer and an accomplished musician.
Mother: Skilled in the art of Clones Lace, was from a family of lace makers, her aunt being the founder of the lace school in Bruckless, Co. Donegal, in the late 1890’s.

Patrick and Lorraine originally trained as sculptors, creating woodland fantasy sculptures and as Model Makers recreating scale models of historical monuments for museums.  Ever so far removed from the art that was to follow and a different world to that which they would encounter when;

In the early nineties they would move to London with their two children, there they established a successful Art and Picture Framing shop in East Dulwich, a slight change from that quaint village life that they had grown up in, as the odd and slightly bizarre artists with their piercings, punk hair and even then their strange dress sense, in London they found other bizarre and even stranger people embracing the freedom of city life. 

Having experienced life in London for some fifteen years with all its diverse cultures, scenes and life styles, they have now returned home to that quiet village life again, ironically to explore through art some of those sub cultures, while at the same time renovating their very own 1850’s Railway Station into a home and studio.

Still living and working together after some twenty plus years Patrick and Lorraine’s art today, is a culmination of masculinity, femininity, power, stimulation, tease, sensuality, suggestion, it is thought provoking and by its very subject matter is, so to speak, cloaked in mystery.

Latex the iconic symbol of Fetish Fashion and Life Style.
Inspired by the world of Fetish Fashion. Their infatuation with latex, fascinated with how latex moves, reflects light and how it accentuates the curves of the body. Patrick and Lorraine’s art can be described as Latex Collage Pop Art using actual Rubber Latex as a medium. Blurring the lines between latex fashion and art by substituting paint and canvas with Latex sheet, the very same latex used in latex fashion. They cut the latex sheet into fine detailed pieces and arrange layer upon layer to compose a piece of art depicting images that are inspired by fetish life, in particular symbols of the world of latex fashion be it a full Fantasy costume, a Catsuit, or a detail of a leg clad in latex with stiletto heel, a Hood, a Mask or even the infamous fetish model Bianca Beauchamp dressed as a nun, in latex of course! Art with the appeal and tactile qualities that Latex stimulates, suggests and evokes. A piece of Art to tease the imagination.

Strange as it may seem their first prominent solo exhibition titled ‘Fetish’ was sponsored and hosted by their Local County Council and The Arts Council of Ireland.
A very highbrow affair which did indeed raise a few eyebrows. Since then they have exhibited with Fet-X UK, the Guild of Erotic Artists and at  London Fetish weekend.

Patrick John and Lorraine Mary make up the Kinky artist duo that meld art into Fetish and Fetish into Art. 


Cutting the Latex


Cutting of Club Rub London Art Piece

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